Lost in books week!

During the last week of term, we spent the week getting lost in books! First we discussed why reading is important to us. After, we explored lots of different books and discussed what we liked about them. Next, we talked about what reading means to us. We came up with lots of lovely statements, such as reading extends our imagination, relaxes us and reading takes us to imaginary worlds. At the end of the week, we also enjoyed a whole school buddy reading session!

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‘Muhammad and the Spider’s Web’

In RE, we are currently learning about Islam. Recently, we learnt about Muhammad (PBUH) and how he was a very special person for Muslims. First, we learnt about his life and how a visit from the Angel Gibril changed his life. Next, we listened to the story of Muhammad and the spider’s web. We used paper plates and wool to recreate the web that protected Muhammad in the cave.

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Cave painting

In class, we have recently been looking at the Stone Age. In art, we looked at cave paintings from this time period and decided to create our own. In order to feel like we were in a cave, rather than drawing sitting at the tables,  we decided to create our drawings under the tables.

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