In PE, we are currently studying basketball and gymnastics. We love climbing on the equipment during our gymnastic lessons and trying to shoot in basketball.

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Performance poetry!

In English recently, we explored performance poetry. We listened to the poem ‘The torch’ by Michael Rosen and discussed how tone of voice and expressions can really bring a poem to life. Next, working our learning partner, we chose a couple of lines or a verse of the poem to act out. We worked really hard to memorise the lines, adding actions to help us remember the words. After we had practised with our learning partner, we shared them with the class. As well as adding actions, we also worked really hard to change the tone of our voice to convey different emotions. Miss Furlow, Mrs Johns, Mrs Kiplatrick and Mrs Peacock were very impressed with our performances.

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Hadrian’s wall!

Recently in Forest School, we made famous London landmarks out of natural materials. During this lesson, we decided we would also like to make other historical landmarks. After discussing a few different landmarks, we chose to recreate Hadrian’s wall.

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