Baby Pepper

Mr Davy told us about a baby pepper that he found when making his dinner earlier this week. He was really impressed by your enthusiasm and brought the pepper into year 3 today to show us. If you would like something to do over the holidays, perhaps you could draw a picture of baby pepper, or maybe write a short story or create an acrostic poem? You could magpie some ideas from James and the Giant Peach, The Enormous Turnip or Jasper’s Beanstalk.

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Thank you

Thank you to all of the year 3 families for your lovely words and gifts. Mrs Munn, Mrs Trounce  and I  appreciate your kindness and have really enjoyed teaching the children this term.

We hope that you all have a brilliant break and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th January.

Mrs Easey

Happy Hanukkah

Yesterday marked the start of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Three children in year 3 explained the history of the festival to the class and told everyone how it is celebrated in their families. They lit their hanukiahs and said some prayers. The Plaut family kindly shared some small donuts with the class as it is traditional to eat food fried in oil. Thank you.





Mastery Mind Quiz

Next Thursday, we will be holding a whole school Mastery Mind Quiz. You will be in circle group teams and asked questions on history, geography, sports, music and class topics.

Practise you general knowledge by having a go at some of the quizzes on these websites: (click on link and type quiz into search box)